Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fling Out the Flag

Fling Out the Flag.

by Mary E. Erwin

Fling out the flag and let it wave
From swelling dome and rising spire -
The starry banner of the brave,
Lighting the land with points of fire.
It is the flag our heroes bore
In triumph through the battle’s blast.
Though scorched with flame and stained with gore
It waves in triumph form its masts.

That flag the symbol of the free
Has dawned upon the nation’s night
Like sunrise on a stormy sea,
Whose billows kiss the morning light.
Its starlit folds, baptized with blood,
Shall guide the hosts of heroes now,
As fiery pillar o’er the flood
Led Israel up from deeps below.

published in:

Republican Advocate

– Batavia NY

June 2-1863.